Poster for the 1922 performance of Alfred Jarry’s Ubu Roi at Théâtre de l’Oeuvre in Paris, France.

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Yesterday in Times Square…

Nude Political Candidate Campaigns in Times Square

So, this happened yesterday. Click the link above for the AP article.

For months, we’ve had women in twos and threes panhandling topless (along with the Elmos and Minnie Mouses) in the Times Square throng. The moment, however, that the “sacred penis” is exposed, it becomes an incident. Here’s a news flash (pun intended): the penis is a very common appendage. Approximately 50% of the global human population has one. It’s not special. No, it really isn’t. Especially yours. I’m bored with the juvenile attitude toward the human body. Let’s grow up and focus on real issues like poverty, disease, equality and peace, shall we?

The AP didn’t publish photos of the event. I took these. Scandalous!

[Disclaimer: I’m coming down off a 12-day round of Prednisone, so I might be a little edgier than normal. Offended? Grow up. Unfollow me. To quote the Golden Girls: “I’ll try to pick up the pieces and go on with my life.”]

The view from my apartment tonight.

My Photography: Repent! Times Square, NYC, July 23, 2014.

My Photography: Times Square Torn Up Again. July 23, 2014


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My photography: Today, I took photographed a kiwi for #TheDramatist. Yes I did. @dramatistsguild

My photography: #TimesSquare, May 29, 2014. #NYC

Editor’s Notes from the May/June 2014 issue of #TheDramatist


During a recent conversation with a playwright friend and Guild member, she confessed that writing was sometimes a real effort for her. I sympathized and told her I often labor for days (sometimes weeks) over something as small and seemingly insignificant as my Editor’s Notes. She was surprised by that and said my notes read and feel effortless…a remark I found surprising. I took her comment as a compliment, since my years of dance training conditioned me to think of a successful performance as one that – in spite of painful injuries and great physical exertion – appeared effortless. Sitting down to toil over these notes, I remembered advice from director/choreographer, Dot Callanen, just before my first performance in the title role of The Nutcracker in college: “If you make everything look easy, people will believe it is. Select one moment in your performance to hint at the effort it requires. Sometimes your audience needs to be reminded of that.”

In 2011, Guild President Stephen Schwartz and Stage of Directors and Choreographers Society (SDC) President Karen Azenberg suggested forming a joint committee to discuss dramatist/director relations. After years of hard work, that committee drafted the seemingly effortless statement on page twelve and decided the statement should be published simultaneously in both The Dramatist and the SDC Journal. In October 2013, I first met with Shelley Butler of the SDC to coordinate our publication calendars. Working with Shelley and Elizabeth Miller-Nelson (both of the SDC), we decided to underscore the alliance between the two organizations by collaborating on the editorial content as well. Some of the articles appear in both publications and other articles are unique. I encourage you to get a copy of the Spring 2014 SDC Journal through their website: www.SDCweb.org. Many thanks to the SDC, their Editorial Committee, the DG/SDC joint committee, the Guild’s Publications Committee, the DG Council and all the contributors to both publications.

This issue and the joint statement inside grew out of years of discussions and the passionate work of many people. As we proof the content and final layout before going to press, I am struck by how graceful and effortless it all seems. As I tip my hat to Dot Callanen, I hope you’ll join me in an enthusiastic round of applause for both the dramatists and directors who have come together to bring you this edition of The Dramatist.


Photo by walterkurtz